“real” good, feel good.

I’ve spent quite a bit of my time recently researching clever new marketing strategies and communications incentives to get our Twitter followers really amped and excited.

But between intriguing tag lines and clever tweet phrasing, I’ve come to realize that nothing, so far, has been as gratifying as when someone out there in the inter-webs decides to put an inkling of thought into a reply to your post.

Don’t get me wrong. Retweets are splendid and “likes” are swell, comments like “that’s awesome”, and “great idea” are terrific as well (wow, look who’s turning all Dr.Seuss on you). But to receive a thoughtful suggestion, or equally-clever response to my oh-so-wry tweet is truly a pleasure.

Nothing earth-shattering here, but just a reminder that in a network where the quantity of followers, friends, and hits seems to be the easiest way to understand and make sense of one’s social media prowess, don’t overlook the quality of your interaction.In a world where our devices prompt us to “touch” our social communications through a screen, what we’re really looking for is to feel something.


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