productivity and comfort.

 Be forwarned: I am playing around with the alignment justification of my text today, yep, its one of THOSE days, so if you’re up for it, here’s my actual post…

Walking through the library today,I’ve  noticed a marked shift in the students’ attire. Maybe it’s  half-way-through-the-week fatigue, or the stress of this time of year, but our perpetually dolled up and styled student population seems to be preferring sweats and hoodies to their usual skinny jeans and leather jackets…which made me wonder about the library’s role in the exam-induced comfort craving that is upon us, and how students feel about the physical space that is the library.

Really, I guess this is just a long-winded way for me to have gotten around to realizing the importance of sharing multi-media on social media.

 I’m suggesting  that we could use social media channels to build or reinforce feelings of comfort and security that is so important for students to associate with the library. Tweeting candid shots of students curled up with their laptops, identifying a particularly cozy nook to study in, or sharing the type of music that someone is listening to in their headphones while working on their assignment in the computer lab, are all messages that not only reconnect students to their library spaces, but also create moods and associate feelings of belonging and ownership that are so vital to the student library experience. “The library” should be a place of intellectual inspiration and creativity, a place for group work and collaboration and faculty interaction, a place where students feel comfortable and unafraid to ask questions.

The way I see it, media-rich communication through social networks is what  might make all the difference between the library being just a resource gateway, and the library being a sanctuary of knowledge and support.

p.s. how awesome would it be to actually have the library feel like a home library with cozy furniture and wooly blankets at your disposal [hmm, maybe this comfort craving thing is contagious…]

image source: November Vogue


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