Being who?

Being a social media librarian is fantastic. It’s the most fun you could have at work with your pants on, in fact. BUT, as most fun and fantastic things go, it’s also complicated and confusing. And that’s why I’m here (and, evidently, why you’re here–unless you’re reading my blog out of obligatory moral support [Hi mom!]).

Working in a brand new position, where you decide your goals and tasks and daily activities, is as overwhelming as it is exciting. Coupled with the fact that I work in the field of social media, it becomes dangerously easy to flip-flop between constant official twitter business and questioning your professional worth.

But here’s the thing; social media is SUPER useful, as most of you already know, and not just for broadcasting your breakfast beverage choice, but for really connecting and communicating with your world. I strongly believe that the academic library can (and will) benefit and change through the smart and effective use and involvement in social media networks. The task through this blog is to articulate the strategies I experiment with, the successes and the failures, and all the questions along the way to achieving a strong and useful library social media presence.


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