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So here it is…

Right. First blog post. Although it seems a bit silly to be writing to what I can only assume is an audience of zero, I’m doing it anyway because I have committed myself to this blogging experiment. And by committed myself, I really mean convinced myself during my arduous morning commute that I need a new and constructive way to express my ideas and observations of my work (mostly because my husband and best friend are sick of witnessing my out loud idea negotiations).

And by blogging experiment, I really mean my spontaneous attempt to better-organize-my-thoughts-while-also-documenting-the-behind-the-scenes-moments-of-my-first-real-career-job-all-while-also-maybe-creating-a-place-where-similairly-interested-librarians-can-turn-for-affirmation-that-they-are-not-the-only-ones-making-it-up-as-they-go-along.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. No promises or expectations here, just me thinking [read: struggling] out loud. [And yes, that means I get to create extremely inappropriately lengthy hyphenated sentences and overuse adjectives as I wish]. So hah.

…please don’t take the “so hah” personally. If you’ve stuck around ’till the end of my first post, please be a doll and come back for more. It will be riveting, or your money back! (Damn, there I go with promises again…)


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