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disappearing act & balloons.

yep, I’m a derelict blogger.

But like it or not, I’m back to my sorry little blog. And because I like you so much, I will spare you the obligatory run down of all of what I’ve been up to in the past several weeks, and instead just select the one MOST super cool and fun thing that I got to work on [ I swear, it IS because I like you so much — its got nothing to do with the fact that its the only work related event I’ve got photo documentation for…]

So here it is, ladies and gentlemen….I, your favourite social media librarian [with the help of her favourite coworkers]…Planned and executed a milestone 5th Birthday party. Except, it wasn’t any regular 5th Birthday party, no clowns and balloon animals to speak of…and no real 5 year olds, actually {that we know of}. HOW is this possible, you ask? Well, the Birthday party was for our library’s 5th anniversary, and to do it in true social-media fuelled style, we hosted the first ever 10-minute surprise library “tubro-party”! We had balloons, and cookies, and 10 whole minutes of ear-blasting Black Eyed Peas tunes to celebrate…oh yea, and a library full of stunned students.

So here’s the gist of it: 10 minutes before the noon hour, our Chief librarian took to the PA system to start announcing vague suggestions of something going on in the library [ which was preceded by really annoyingly cryptic tweets sent out by yours truly speaking of things like “Tuesday at the Library”, or “be here at noon”.] Anyway, at noon, the Chief Librarian announced to a growing crowd that it was the library’s birthday and that we’d like to celebrate it with our students. Cue librarians and staff to charge out from behind the circulation desk…balloons and noise makers flying…with celebratory cookies circulating for overconsumption by all.

The social media buzz [twitter went nuts, phone photographs circulated…] that followed the party spoke of the benefit of injecting a bit of fun into the library’s relationship with their users. Students expressed excitement and appreciation towards the much-needed stress buster right before exam week, and seemed thrilled to experience such a loud and energetic occurrence in the otherwise categorically quiet and composed library environment.

And I, for one, could not be happier! Learned a few lessons about resources, planning, and listening to the experience of coworkers.

like videos? check out our iPad-filmed teaser here


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