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Social Media Style.

Yesterday’s post had me describing why I’m finding it important to share multi-media content through the library’s social networks. What I failed to share was my original idea for really taking this notion & running with it …a library Style blog! Or, more accurately, a library Style feature, either on Facebook or linked to Facebook through a Tumblr blog.

I figure that since our students have such amazing style, this might be a good way to highlight their talent and creativity while prompting them to connect with us through Facebook tags and tumblr reblogs, and check back for the promise of updates [think: placing them in the library, and placing the library in their cyber sociality].

Who doesn’t want to be given kudos for their sense of style? more importantly,who doesn’t want photographic evidence of aforementioned kudos from a third party to rub into their friends faces?[don’t even think about lying, you totally do]

This project is stalled, however, by privacy concerns, rights waivers (which are exhaustive and super redundant but required), and sharing restrictions. All of which are being dealt with as I type. My favourite work-around to date is introducing the Style feature through a once-a-week event for, say, a month, after which we would invite students to submit their own photos and avoid the heap of legal-administrative concerns all together!

yay for using social media to help tell our student’s daily “stories”, and double yay for not letting boring paperwork get in the way of a fun idea!


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