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Formalizing Facebook.

So I am fresh off this year’s OLA Super Conference high, and I’ve got a blog post in the works about the experience coming up shortly.

Meanwhile, as I return to work this Monday morning, my calendar notifies me that I have agreed to lead a student information session — cue panic!

The post within this post, I suppose, is time management and scheduling competency [i.e. I maybe shouldn’t have set that notification for 4 hours before the event]. I will of course avoid that obvious and helpful topic, and instead give a quick recap of how I’ve spent the last few hours scrambling to get my thoughts down into a cohesive and comprehensive lesson/session plan.

Now, being the social media librarian, it is only fitting that my student session topic be Facebook. The use, the dangers, the possibilities, and then the truth. GREAT topic idea, but also a WHOLE lot of information to cover in under an hour. So here’s what I’ll do instead:

In planning, I have decided to spend about half of my time actually having a conversation with the students about their familiarity, experiences, and questions about Facebook. After sharing my wisdom on how to manipulate your privacy settings and notification options, I will bestow my biased opinion on them – hailing Facebook as an important and almost inevitable platform for social connection and interaction, and illustrate these with personal and profesional anecdotes to support my sweeping statement.

Jokes aside, I feel that it is super important for users to understand the facts:

– yes, it’s true, Facebook and a slew of marketers, employers, and creepy lonely people [these categories are not mutually exclusive] are watching your activity. 

– no, that does not mean you should run for the hills and hide your online existence.

– Actively participating on Facebook is essential to relevancy [for libraries and for individuals]. Being aware of the reality of the platform, and understanding your options as a user will poise you for optimal control over how you are represented and what will be perceived of you. The key is to own your online presence, make it deliberate, and reap the cyber connection benefits in your real world.

Those who survive [read: stay awake] through this initial discussion will be rewarded with a how-to on creating their own personal social media strategy by the Social Media Librarian herself! More impressive, of course, will be the chance to make use of the super-awesome touch screen smart boards set up in our brand new Tech Room.

So there, I’m off to face my audience. Hope someone shows up [stay tuned for my impending  “what to do when no one shows up” “lesson’s learned” post]


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