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simple & effective.

Prompted by recent attention & inquiries into how I go about locating our library user tweets, I realized that sometimes what seem to me to be simple & given techniques are not as obvious to others. So here I present for your consideration a super simple method that YOU SHOULD ALL be incorporating into your library/brand social media strategies.

The Search! 

That’s what librarians do, right? Search for stuff? Well not only does the stereotype endure, it also proves itself to be true & useful!

Step 1: Consider a few search strings containing terms that point to your specific library/brand, and save these searches in your twitter app.

Step 2: Refer to these saved searches daily {several times a day, I suggest, actually}, to catch updated hits.

Step 3: DO NOT RETWEET OR REPLY ALL RESULTS. Be selective & deliberate. Retweet useful/entertaining tweets, follow repeat offenders, strategically reply to complains/queries, and generally avoid hostile messages [unless you’re feeling fiesty].

At best, this method will help you catch users at key service points, creating an intuitive  interaction opportunity for your handle.

At worst, you may creep a couple of users out [see step 3]. But thanks to the nature of Twitter, it should pass with the next updated feed.

Happy creeping  searching!



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the story so far.

Alright, so before I can proceed in using this space as my gratuitous virtual thought process/scratch pad, I feel obligated to take an abridged walk down memory lane to contextualize the musings & ruminations that will inevitably consume this blog.

So what have I done so far and where have I gotten, in 200 words or less. This should be fun relatively painless.

Pre-me, the library already had a social media presence via Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. My goal was/is to analyze the state of that presence, its effectiveness, its purpose and its future. Since I am now in the last 1/3rd of that process, this is where the fun experimentation begins.

So far, Twitter trumps Facebook and YouTube is a different beast all together (more on that in another post). Through various hash-tag experimentations and changing the “tone” of our twitter voice down to a casual banter, I’ve been semi-successful in establishing {a}. a quicker growing following and {b.} a more open and dynamic rapport with students/users. This is fantastic. the challenge here is and will continue to be staying interesting, engaging, and relevant while continuing to push new strategies of information sharing and receiving.

(From here on out, that point is critical : it’s not information broadcasting that I’m after, that’s what the official website is for. Social media is about taking and receiving, hearing and being heard, having your network speak to you and speak for you.)

Facebook. aaah Facebook. To put it politely (and briefly), Facebook isn’t working for the library. This is disappointing for me personally because FB also happens to be my favourite social networking site, permanently ingrained into the daily workings and happenings of my day. But to have the library on Facebook seems to provide no value to users, and this has been the site of many a trip-up in my planning phases. I’ve tried broad status statements. I’ve tried direct questioning. I’ve tried verbally soliciting feedback of ANY kind, and in return, I’ve received crickets (well, cricket chirps, really. So not even whole crickets, not a-one. Perhaps a tumbleweed…but even that would imply some effort to actually present itself to illustrate my feeble failure at communication, which may be figuratively suggesting too much.).

So there, a kind-of-sort-of where I am in terms of social-media experimentation so far. Preliminary thoughts are eagerly welcomed.

Stayed tuned for my *formal* (ahem) Facebook makeover plan. WITH a potential promise of nifty multimedia footage (if you’re nice).

Oh, and my apologies that this most definitely was not done in 200 words or less (please don’t take off a letter grade).

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