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simple & effective.

Prompted by recent attention & inquiries into how I go about locating our library user tweets, I realized that sometimes what seem to me to be simple & given techniques are not as obvious to others. So here I present for your consideration a super simple method that YOU SHOULD ALL be incorporating into your library/brand social media strategies.

The Search! 

That’s what librarians do, right? Search for stuff? Well not only does the stereotype endure, it also proves itself to be true & useful!

Step 1: Consider a few search strings containing terms that point to your specific library/brand, and save these searches in your twitter app.

Step 2: Refer to these saved searches daily {several times a day, I suggest, actually}, to catch updated hits.

Step 3: DO NOT RETWEET OR REPLY ALL RESULTS. Be selective & deliberate. Retweet useful/entertaining tweets, follow repeat offenders, strategically reply to complains/queries, and generally avoid hostile messages [unless you’re feeling fiesty].

At best, this method will help you catch users at key service points, creating an intuitive  interaction opportunity for your handle.

At worst, you may creep a couple of users out [see step 3]. But thanks to the nature of Twitter, it should pass with the next updated feed.

Happy creeping  searching!



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